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The Industry Common Induction (ICI) provides staff with a health and safety induction for working in construction sites, rail depots and station maintenance.  It covers the safety procedures and risks that are common across the rail industry, whatever the role and type of site.

You can confirm if an individual holds the ICI competence by scanning their Sentinel smartcard when they arrive on site.

Your sponsor can enable you to become a card checker. For more information about checking Sentinel smart cards, please click here.

What does an individual know, if they hold the ICI competence?

For an up to date list of the topics covered in the ICI, please click here to launch the e-learning, and select ‘Site Map’ from the main menu.  You can view the entire induction, if you wish, by launching the e-learning.

Site specific inductions

ICI has been introduced to replace the generic elements of the site induction that individuals receive on arriving for work at a site.  By holding the ICI Sentinel competence, you can be sure that staff arrive on site with a consistent basic understanding of safety.  You can then focus your site briefings on the key risks and hazards that are relevant for your worksite. You will need to use your own judgement on the specific content required for your location.

What if an individual does not hold the ICI or it is out of date?

CDM legislation states that a full site induction, covering general topics and site specific risks, is provided by the Principal Contractor in charge of the site.

Further Information

For more information about the ICI please go to the FAQ page.

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