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Are there plans to integrate the ICI with CSCS?
How does an individual prove they've completed the assessment and have been assessed competent?
How often will the competence need to be re-assessed?
How can I obtain a Sponsor's log-in and passwords for individuals to start using the ICI e-learning tool?
Is there a classroom version of the e-learning available?
How does a company become registered to deliver the Competence Assessment?
Is there any guidance for Site Managers to produce and give site-specific inductions to those individuals who've proven ICI competence?
If an individual has the PTS competence is there a requirement for the ICI?
Why does Network Rail not mandate the use of the ICI and proof of competence for all construction sites on the infrastructure?
How does the Supply Chain Sponsor an individual to take the ICI and assessment?
Do the same obligations of Primary and Sub-Sponsorship (including, for example, primary sponsors providing PPE when the individual is working on a sub-sponsors site and the fatigue management arrangements) apply to someone who has ICI as they would for PTS?
What is the cost for the ICI, Assessment and providing a Smartcard to an individual?
How do I get myself registered so I can sponsor my staff and get them trained on the ICI competency?
Do I need Non-trackside and Trackside sponsorship registration with RISQS?

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