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Are there plans to integrate the ICI with CSCS?

There are no plans to use CSCS or incorporate into the ICI; both competencies are to be kept separate.  The ICI assessment requires the individual to prove competence rather than simply recalling what was learnt from the induction.

How does an individual prove they've completed the assessment and have been assessed competent?

Once the individual is confident with the material, their Sponsor can apply for them to take the Competence Assessment at an RTAS-accredited training centre.  If they pass, the ICI competence will be recorded on their Sentinel record.  The individual can use their smartcard on site to prove ICI competence.

How often will the competence need to be re-assessed?

The ICI competence will need to be re-certified every 60 months. This has been validated in line with the new assurance regimes being implemented from June 2014.

How can I obtain a Sponsor's log-in and passwords for individuals to start using the ICI e-learning tool?
Is there a classroom version of the e-learning available?

No.  In order to maintain consistency the e-learning package provides the individual with all the information and training required before taking the assessment.

How does a company become registered to deliver the Competence Assessment?

See Assessment Centre Support page

Is there any guidance for Site Managers to produce and give site-specific inductions to those individuals who've proven ICI competence?

See Site Manager Support page

If an individual has the PTS competence is there a requirement for the ICI?

Yes.  Both courses have been designed to reduce the amount of overlap in content.  The ICI is different from PTS.  ICI is a general induction for CDM-style works.
It is to be an entry-level qualification that can be held without PTS, as long as an individual is not required to go trackside. It is possible that some people will need to hold both competences.

Why does Network Rail not mandate the use of the ICI and proof of competence for all construction sites on the infrastructure?

Those working on Network Rail Infrastructure Projects sponsored project ICI is mandated. Individuals who attend site without an ICI, but their duties require them to hold the competency should be asked to gain ICI within 12 site visits or within 6 weeks of 1st June 2016. After 6th of July 2016, individuals who have not complied with the mandate shall be rejected from site.

How does the Supply Chain Sponsor an individual to take the ICI and assessment?
Do the same obligations of Primary and Sub-Sponsorship (including, for example, primary sponsors providing PPE when the individual is working on a sub-sponsors site and the fatigue management arrangements) apply to someone who has ICI as they would for PTS?

Yes, the Sentinel Scheme Rules apply to all individuals holding a Sentinel card and to all Sponsors, however there are certain exceptions for Sponsors who are Non Trackside Sponsors and who do not put individuals to work trackside (see Trackside Sponsor Rules on the Sponsor Support Page).

What is the cost for the ICI, Assessment and providing a Smartcard to an individual?

The ICI e-learning induction is free of charge.

Assessment Centres will make a charge per assessment undertaken. There is not a set charge for this, and each Assessment Centre will set their own rate, but we would expect the cost to be around £15-20 per head.

Sentiel smartcards for ICI will cost £22.50, which is the same as the cost of a normal smartcard

There is no charge specifically to register on Sentinel, as the cost model is based on the number of people you sponsor. However, you will need to pay to be registered with Link up.

How do I get myself registered so I can sponsor my staff and get them trained on the ICI competency?

If a business only requires ICI competency staff, it would only need to register and complete the non-trackside declaration. There is a random audit involved – which is a percentage sample to test compliance (this audit cost is included in the fee for the declaration).  There is no need to do an IMR audit or such like, which is contrary to the reason this sponsorship route was created.

Do I need Non-trackside and Trackside sponsorship registration with RISQS?

No, if your already a trackside sponsor, you don’t need to do anything as you will be able to ‘sponsor’ delegates for the ICI training.  The non-tracker process is an ‘entry point’ to use Sentinel, and allows businesses with just ICI holders to sponsor staff.  If your workers need a PTS card then you will have to follow the Trackside Rules.  Visit the Sentinel website for more information.

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