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Network Rail
Owner and operator of Britain’s railway infrastructure.


Network Rail – Sectional Appendix
Sectional Appendix



Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB)
A wide range of information and documentation on rail industry safety initiatives, research and development.

CIRAS Online
The Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System, freephone number 0800 4 101 101.


Rail Notices
For Urgent Operating Advice Notices and other forms of Safety Alert, including GE/RT8250s, GO/RT3350s and company specific applications.

Railway Group Standards Online
Access the Rule Book online.

For Information on PTS and other Track Competence

Sentinel Scheme Rules

Health and Safety Executive
Government agency responsible for regulating risks to health and safety arising from work.

Operations Focus Group
Information and briefing materials on mitigating signals passed at danger.

Human Factors in the Rail Industry
A wide range of resources from the HSE on human factors.

Network Rail Standards
Keep up to date with Network Rail Standards, register with IHS 01344 328 000

Infrastructure Safety Liaison Group (ISLG)
ISLG is a leading forum for GB railway contractors to improve Health, Safety and Environmental performance

Close Call System log in

Track Safety Alliance

Utility Strike Avoidance Group

RSSB Road Driving Risk Group 

Driving for Better Business- Rail Sector

HSE Driving Safety

Hazard Directory (NR access only)



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