Fatigue Reduction

Fatigue Reduction 

Feeling tired is part of everyday life that can generally be fixed with a good night’s sleep, but fatigue takes longer to resolve. It’s a chronic physiological condition that occurs when steps to address tiredness are not taken when needed. Network Rail employees, suppliers and contractors work round the clock to keep the railway operating, but disruptive working hours can lead to fatigue.

Fatigue makes it difficult to spot risky situations and, because of its impact on decision making, can lead to us taking risks we’d usually find unacceptable. To do our jobs (and commute) safely, we all need to be awake and alert. That’s why, the fatigue risk management standard (NR/L2/OHS/003) has been updated to change the way we manage this as a business. The new standard applies to anyone working on our infrastructure. The standard compliance date is October 2022.

A range of tools and educational materials are available as attachments on this page, or via the Fatigue Reduction site (only accessible to those with a Network Rail email address).

As individuals it’s our responsibility to learn about fatigue so we feel empowered to take action when we spot warning signs in ourselves and others.


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