Fatigue Improvement Programme

Fatigue Improvement Programme – Wake Up to Revised Fatigue Management

There is no single scientific definition of fatigue but it is accepted that fatigue is generally a feeling of extreme tiredness and being unable to perform work effectively. It is a state of impairment that can result from prolonged working, heavy workload, insufficient rest and inadequate sleep, and can include mental and /or physical elements.

Fatigue has been identified as a significant risk throughout the Rail Industry, and investigations have found that fatigue is a re-occurring theme in many of our accidents, incidents and close calls.

Managing Fatigue is everyone’s responsibility. Our aim is to ensure everyone in Network Rail and working on Network Rail’s infrastructure understands Fatigue, and are provided with tools and education to manage their fatigue risk.

The Fatigue Improvement Programme, will see the introduction of a revised Fatigue standard which is being released in a modular approach between October 2018 and December 2019, with a compliance date of October 2022. The standard (v6) NR/L2/OHS/003, applies to everyone within Network Rail and those working on Network Rail infrastructure. Previously v5 of the standard only covered safety critical staff.

We have created a series of initial communication materials to highlight the current status of the Fatigue Improvement Programme. Further communication material will be made available during the launch of each revised Fatigue module in the standard. Please accept the posters, and pyramid pop up templates in the attachment section. These can be downloaded, printed and displayed as required.

There are also Fatigue videos available for awareness in the attachments section.

  • Fatigue General Awareness- this film provides an awareness of fatigue, signs and causes. Giving a general introduction to the subject. Target Audience is for all staff.
  • Fatigue Awareness for (Network Rail) Managers- this film provides additional guidance for Network Rail line managers, to recognise and manage fatigue in their staff.. nb some of the guidance shown in film refers to NR internal procedures/processes.
  • Fatigue Awareness for Drivers- this film provides additional guidance for staff that drive on behalf of Network Rail. nb some of the guidance shown in film refers to NR internal procedures/processes.

Please also see below a list of links to reference materials relevant for Fatigue:

Why are we improving our fatigue management?

  • Fatigue is a high risk in Network Rail, due to complex rostering, shift working and long working hours,
  • The industry has suffered from a number of accidents, since 1988 there have been 52 fatalities and 612 persons injured where fatigue was noted as a contributory factor,
  • We care about everyones health and wellbeing and want you to be as safe as possible,
  • We want to improve the way we support and educate our workforce.

What is going to change?

  • Improved Fatigue management.
  • Publication of a revised modular fatigue standard which will cover all persons working on our infrastructure.
  • Introduction of trigger points for fatigue management, resulting in fatigue management discussions and plans at group or individual levels.
  • Education for Network Rail employees to raise awareness of fatigue, notice the signs of fatigue and tools to effectively manage it.
  • Improved work life balance.

When will these changes be published and come into effect?

How will the changes be implemented?

  • Publication of the Principles and Fatigue Risk Index Module in June, others to follow,
  • Change Impact Assessments to be conducted across the business,
  • Detailed communications at the time of each module publication,
  • Educational support and tools will be developed,
  • Enabling activities to assist the readiness and transition period,
  • Strengthened assurance, compliance and investigation protocols.



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