Electrical Safety

Electricity is one of the biggest potential dangers we face working.Whether on the tracks, working around the infrastructure, or working within our buildings.

It is above us via overhead lines (rail and national grid), on the ground in some areas via the 3rd rail conductor rail power supply, and even below us via buried cables.

Every year we have incidents that could lead to life-changing injuries or fatalities.

Network Rail has a dedicated programme to improving electrical safety. The Electrical Safety Delivery (ESD) programme, exists to significantly improve the safety of everyone working on or near the electrical rail infrastructure. Funded by the DfT (and with the support of the ORR), the programme will improve workforce safety by removing the root causes of electrical safety incidents and by increasing Network Rail’s compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations, 1989 (EaWR).

Electrical safety has a number of Life-saving Rules specifically designed to save lives and in 2007 Network Rail produced a short film on electrical safety called ‘Touch and Go’.  Although a few years old the messages in the film still ring true, and underline the priority for greater safety when working around electricity.




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