Close Call

A Close Call is defined as anything that has the potential to cause harm or damage.

This includes the potential to:

  • Harm a person including minor, major injuries, and fatalities
  • Harm the environment and/or protected species
  • Damage railway infrastructure, plant, vehicles, tools, equipment, systems and information

Watch the close call video below:

What’s the difference between a Close Call and an incident?

A Close Call is something that could happen, whereas an incident has already taken place.

For example, if a trip hazard is spotted it can be reported as a Close Call because someone could trip over it. If someone actually trips because of the hazard, it is then classed as an incident.

What to do if you see a Close Call

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, if you see something that could cause harm or damage follow these three steps:

  • Recognise – Could it cause harm or damage?
  • Respond – What can you do?
    • Fix the situation, if you can do so safely – then report it
    • Always challenge unsafe behaviour – then report it
    • Inform others around you so they are aware of any risk.
  • Report – Always report Close Calls

Reporting a Close Call 

Reporting Close Calls means we can remove immediate risk, and understand strategically where we need to make improvements by identifying areas of high risk and taking steps to prevent a more serious incident from occurring.

All Close Calls will make their way to  the RSSB Close Call System for industry analysis, however to ensure that timely action is taken, the first step is to identify which system you should report to, details on the options available and how to report are below.

I’m working on railway infrastructure, in a Network Rail building, or travelling on Network Rail business

Report by phone: 01908 723 500

Report by downloading the Network Rail Close Call App:

  • Make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi or 3/4G
  • Select the Network Rail App Catalogue
  • Refresh the apps available

Report by email to the Close Call Team:

I’m working on railway infrastructure managed by a Principal Contractor

Report via the contractor Close Call system

To help contractors understand the detailed procedure, please read the attached guidance – Close Call reporting procedure IP’ this guide can be found on the right hand side.

Details should be given in site induction, if in doubt, speak to your supervisor.

 Making a ‘Good Call’

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