Home Safe Plan


The Home Safe Plan, originally identified as the Integrated Safety Plan, consisted of 21 national projects which were identified to provide the biggest risk reduction to our work force, public and passengers.

2017-18 saw a number of the original projects close successfully, and are already showing real safety benefits.

But, safety improvements never stop, and in 2018 Frontline Safety Critical Communications and Suicide Prevention became part of the plan.

Read ‘Home Safe Plan 2018-19’ guide to find out more:

Home Safe Plan 2018-19 Guide

The projects fit into six key areas of health and safety

  • Workforce safety
  • Public safety
  • Train accident risk
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Ergonomics
  • Management System

Mark Carne, Chief Executive, supports the work of the Home Safe Plan, especially concerning Workforce Safety. Mark said

“I am deeply dissatisfied that we have about 500 lost time injuries every year. It is unacceptable. So why do we tolerate it? Why aren’t we (you and I) changing the culture so that this sort of performance is seen for what it is – unacceptable.”

Responsible Railway Plan

April 2018 saw the Responsible Railway Plan launched at the Network Rail Senior Leaders Conference. The Responsible Railway Plan is the national portfolio of key projects that will most effectively help us to responsibly manage our natural environment and add social value to the
communities we serve to help us achieve our vision of a “Railway Fit for the Future”.

Responsible Railway Plan Guide 2018 -19

More on Network Rail’s approach to the Environment and Sustainable Development can be found on their dedicated pages of the website Environment and Sustainable Development

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