This short film, along with the Everyone Guide to Menopause, is intended to raise the awareness of menopause and how some symptoms can affect women going through this natural life stage. The film is intended for not only those women going through the menopause, but also line managers, partners and colleagues.  It provides information, guidance and signposting, about how we may deal with some health and wellbeing related challenges.

At Network Rail, our aim is to create an environment where every women can feel confident to raise issues about her symptoms. In some instances, ask for support which might include appropriate reasonable adjustments at work. Being a more open, diverse and inclusive organisation by providing services of support to those who need them will:

  • Enhance our safety
  • Improve our performance and the value that we deliver to our stakeholders
  • Attract and retain the best people within Network Rail and the industry as a whole.

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Everyone Guide to Menopause
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