Route Services Supply Chain Operations

Route Services Supply Chain Operations

This overview of guidance and information is intended for use by all customers of Heavy Critical Resource and services provided via Route Services Supply Chain Operations (SCO) contracts (including Track Treatment and rail delivered supply of materials) to aid production of Safe Work Packs

 Safe Method of Working documents

SCO delivery processes for services provided within a worksite in a possession

This site is intended to provide SCO customers who are creating a Safe Work Pack (SWP) under the requirements of Network Rail company standard NR/L2/OHS/019 (referred to as 019), with the key safety requirements needed for inclusion in the SWP. Each method of working/statement (in the relevant Task Risk Control Sheets – TRCS’s) is appropriate for each unique SCO materials delivery/track treatment process being provided.

For every SCO delivery mechanism/track treatment service there is a safe method of working which has been provided by the appropriate supplier, included in the Task Risk Control Sheet. These are to be included as part of the Safe Work Pack (SWP) for Supply Chain Operations provided activity.

Key safety requirements held in the TRCS must be applied on site to prevent a serious injury from occurring around the SCO supply chain delivery/activity.  These must be included in the SWP and complied with for the appropriate SCO operation.

To obtain the relevant safety information for a SCO operational activity please click

Please find a list of TRCS’s for SCO to help with your search on the attached link:

Unloading ballast from a sidetipper and auto ballaster

Switch and crossing panel vehicles

Rail Milling and Grinding Truck RRV SF02 W-FS

Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) delivered by Rail Delivery Train (RDT)

Working with On Trak Machines Tamper, Ballast Regulator, Stoneblower

Working with On Track Machines Rail Grinding and Support Teams

Working with On Track Machines Rail Grinders

Continuous welded (CWR) delivery/recovery by Long Welded Rail Train

Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the customer ordering the SCO supplied service to ensure that the content of the Safe Work Pack applicable to that service are compliant with standard 019.

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