Social Performance and Social Value

What is ‘social value’?                                                         

For Network Rail, it’s about making a net contribution to society over, and above the specific activities we are funded to deliver. It means adding value, not cost.

Our approach

We have a Network Rail Social Value Framework This has four priorities:

Together, Network Rail’s Social Value Framework and Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2020 to 2050 explain what sustainability means for our business.

Our approach aligns with the UK Government Social Value Model (Procurement Policy Note – PPN – 06/20) and the priorities of governments in Scotland and Wales and identifies topics specific to rail (e.g. accessibility, community rail).

Level 2 standard NR/L2/ENV/015

Our “Environment and Social Minimum Requirements for Projects – Design and Construction” directs our supply chain to address specific social topics. These contribute to the priorities of our Social Value Framework. They are:

  • Being a caring neighbour
  • Connecting communities with the environment
  • Creating engaged employees
  • Inspiring tomorrows workforce
  • Keeping communities safe
  • Making rail a great experience
  • Making travel accessible and inclusive
  • Positive industry partnerships
  • Respecting cultural heritage and rail history
  • Supporting Britain’s economic development

We’ve written a guidance note for each of these. Click on the button below to find these.


Rail Social Value Tool

The Rail Social Value Tool (RSVT) is an online tool developed specifically for the GB rail industry. Network Rail uses it to forecast, monitor, evaluate and monetise our social value. A short overview of the RSVT is attached to this page.

We can set supply chain partners up to use the RSVT, for free, to report the social value they are generating when delivering our frameworks, contracts, and projects. Network Rail colleagues should visit our internal RSVT Hub site (accessible to Network Rail colleagues only) to find out how to organise this.

Eastern and Southern regions have defined a small, core set of indicators they would like capital delivery partners to use. They are attached to this page.

Also attached to this page is a worksheet listing around 140 indicators within the RSVT most relevant to Network Rail and our supply chain partners.

Social value training

Network Rail is a partner in the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Their resources are free for anyone to access and use, at any time. We recommend their materials. for example, their “Introduction to Social Value” e-learning module.

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