Planning4Delivery (formerly Planning and Delivering Safe Work)

The Planning4Delivery programme (formerly PDSW) is aiming to address key issues affecting our frontline, to help reduce near misses and lost time accidents. To achieve this essential safety improvement, the business requires a step change in how we plan and deliver work on or near the line.

Through new technology, better information and enhancing the skills of our people the #p4d programme will help deliver a safer workplace for our staff and everyone working on the railway.

Find out more by watching the P4D programme video below


Standard 019 – Safety of people at work on or near the line.

The Safety of People at Work on or Near the Line (NR/L2/OHS/019) Standard has gone through a major simplification programme to make the standard easier and clearer for everyone to use.

Issue 12 was published in June 2023 with compliance due September 2023. The briefing material for 019 contains:

The Interactive Briefing Guide has been produced to accompany Issue 12 of the standard. The briefing guide is not compulsory and is there as an additional guide for briefing people. It can be viewed on the following link:

Interactive briefing guide

Additionally, the 019 Principles video which was launched in 2020 (available on the right hand side of this page – the compressed file) is a scenario-based to help frontline teams better understand the key principles of Standard 019, with guidance on how to adopt the standard in various situations.

Everyone who holds a Personal Track Safety (PTS) competence is required to watch the 019 Principles video and confirm understanding the 019 Principles and associated ways of working. This includes Responsible Managers, Persons in Charge and Planners with access to Network Rail-RailHub.

What is RailHub? We have rolled out a new software called Network Rail – RailHub that will enable safer work, better planning, and increased compliance to the 019 Standard.

The rollout of Network Rail – RailHub was a route by route basis over the course of 2022. It has now successfully been deployed across all routes and regions. Network Rail staff can access more information on the following link:

RailHub – Home (

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