Addressing rough sleeping on rail

“Routes out of Homelessness” is Network Rail’s charitable theme for 2019 to 2024 (control period 6). Information about our overall approach can be read on our Network Rail Social Value page:

In partnership with charity Shelter, we’re operating outreach services that help people experiencing rough sleeping in and around some of our managed stations. We’re also supporting rail staff to engage more confidently and empathetically with these vulnerable individuals. This enables station staff to focus time and effort on passengers and enhances the experience of station users.

On this page, we publish materials that capture learning from our Rough Sleeping on Rail outreach services, so that they can be easily accessed and used by rail industry colleagues.

Network Rail and Shelter have worked together to produce a digital toolkit to empower station colleagues in their interactions with people who may be sleeping rough which can be accessed by either clicking on the image below or through the attachment ‘Rough Sleeping on Rail Toolkit for Station Colleagues’ on the side of the page.

Videos for rail station staff

Video 1: how to approach and engage a person experiencing rough sleeping

Video 2: Ryan’s Story-sleeping rough at a station

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