Behavioural Safety

“Everyone Home Safe Every Day……We are committed to improving safety and well-being across Network Rail and the rail industry.”

We understand the unique nature of the Rail Industry and the basis of Network Rail’s approach is the application of psychology, coaching and discovery learning, engaging all individuals in the change process, and providing expert behavioural change knowledge and skills to achieve your safety, wellbeing and performance goals.

Safety Culture

Safety culture describes the way in which safety is managed in the workplace and is made up of every single decision, process and system; each and every one of us. An organisation with a “positive safety culture” is one that gives the appropriate priority to safety and manages safety like other areas of the business.

Given that our Culture is a result of our collective behaviours; developing a strong, continuously developing, behaviour based approach throughout the company and the wider industry is part of building a positive safety Culture. This widens our scope to all behaviours, whether or not they are safety specific.

The key to our Behaviour Change and Behaviour Based Safety Programmes is the understanding of how our actions affect perceptions and behaviour both on and off site – from a project’s inception through to maintenance processes.

Behaviour based safety affects and is affected by designers, managers, office staff, site staff, external parties (such as Regulators) and business leaders.

Our Dimensions of Safety Tool (DOS) has been designed to help you measure organisational culture across six dimensions (Leadership, Workforce, Processes and Systems, Outputs, Companies and Technologies), assess where you are in terms of cultural maturity, and embed meaningful and sustainable change.

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