Infrastructure Loading Patterns

Infrastructure loading patterns are applicable to Network Rail, Contractors and Suppliers, who carry out loading, examine, manage or audit loading activities on Infrastructure freight trains, that are operated on Network Rail Infrastructure for the purpose of renewing or maintaining the infrastructure.

Following a revision of the Network Rail Infrastructure Loading Standards Manual NR/L3/SCO/308 Issue 3 March 2019, the individual loading patterns and wagon details are now published on Safety Central to enable greater accessibility, availability and ease of amendment.

NR/L3/SCO/308 now contains the basic principles of loading, assurance and control procedures.

The loading patterns have been sub divided in to traffic type sections and are listed within in numerical order, and are accessed within the relevant file on the right of this page.

A complete catalogue can be found here.

A section on wagon details is also listed in type order.

Any subsequent amendments will be notified by email.

Reference documents

GO/GN3653 Guidance for Safe Freight Train Operation

GO/RM3056 Working Manual for Rail Staff: Freight Train Operations

NR/L2/SCO/203 Loading and Securing of Infrastructure Traffic

NR/L3/SCO/308 Infrastructure Loading Standard

NR/L2/CTM/022 Specification For Competence & Training In Loading/Examining of Infrastructure Wagons

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