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Network Rail Energy Link is our new easy-access energy management system, through which our energy billing and data is processed, managed and stored.  This new system replaces the Railway Energy Database (RED) and holds detailed information on the metering assets and their consumption.
The system can be accessed via:
To request access to Energy Link, please email

Download the Energy Link Web Reporting User guide from the menu on the right hand side of the page.

System Capabilities

Network Rail Energy Link allows quick and easy access to high-level analysis of energy use, or granular detailed information down to half-hourly energy use where appropriate metering is installed.

Information can be viewed for individual supplies or consolidated groups, and your account can be tailored to enable you to view exactly what you need, meaning that you will not have to search through thousands of supplies to find the one that you want.

Energy analysis can be viewed in different ways:

  • Site list – this can be tailored to each user for ease of use and viewing restriction (figure 1)
  • Data sets – lets you choose between alternative data sources, if these are available
  • Dashboards – gives a quick graphical overview of energy consumption at the selected site, comparing the 2 most recent years’ data by default (figure 2)
  • Reportsallows you to call up monthly usage data for any selected year, or compare two years’ data side-by-side (figures 3 and 4)
  • Details – provides basic location and contact information relating to the selected site.
  • Add new readings – enables entry of meter readings for the site you have selected.
  • Data – enables viewing of individual invoice breakdowns or half-hourly profiles.


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Figure 1

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Figure 2

Energy link screen 3

Figure 3

Energy link screen 4

Figure 4

Future features

We will be able to tailor the dashboard and report systems to meet your needs. The system will be updated when needed.

To request access to Network Rail Energy Link, or to make any enquiries regarding its use, please email:

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