Railway Security

Security is an essential part of safety, find out more about what you can do to keep our railway safe and secure.

Security is an essential part of safety, from the physical protection of our infrastructure to the technology that safeguards our systems and information.

Security is everyone’s responsibility; it is how we protect our railway from threat and dangers. By taking responsibility and behaving securely we support a safe, reliable and efficient railway.

What can you do to keep our railway safe and secure?

Report an incident or Close Call security risks and concerns

  • You should feel confident in challenging others who may be breaching security. Network Rail employees can report security incidents to the helpdesk on 085 51600 or 01270 721600
  • Call out security risks or suspected misconduct using the Close Call phone line 01908 723500 or via the app
  • If in doubt, contact asksecurity@networkrail.co.uk or post on Yammer using #AskSecurity
  • In an emergency call 999

Discuss security during a Safety Hour

  • Talk about security at a Safety Hour using the discussion packs available in the Resource Library to focus on different aspects of security. Discuss the security concerns relevant to you, your role and your workplace.

Complete your security training

  • Complete your security training via Oracle E-business or ask your line manager to brief you individually, or as a group, using the Security training discussion pack in the Resource Library
  • For more information visit the Security hub

Become a Security Champion

  • Become a Security Champion to receive regular updates and gain access to a range of materials to increase security awareness in your workplace

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