Management of Occupational Road Risk (MORR)

Driving represents a significant risk for Network Rail. With a fleet in excess of 7500 vehicles and 15,000 drivers that drive approximately 128 million miles a year it is no wonder that driving incidents occur frequently. Our fleet team deal with numerous incidents of vehicle damage, road traffic offences, road traffic accidents and road traffic fatalities.

The Management of Occupational Road Risk (MORR) Project within the Home Safe Plan is focused on reducing this risk. Whilst exposure to the risk can be reduced it cannot be eliminated due to our requirement to drive.

The project is made up of various parts and will continue to evolve. For more information on MORR projects, or Road safety in general, please visit the following pages:

MORR Policy

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

Becoming an Authorised NR vehicle driver

Driving Safety

Chief Executive, Mark Carne talks VTS:

Traffilog tutorial video for the Vehicle Telematics System

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