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The First Aid at Work standard NR/L2/OHS/00110 has been updated. The content of the standard has been reviewed to improve clarity and sets out:

  • the arrangements for the provision of first aid in the workplace or at site of work; and
  • the method for assessing risks to determine what first aid equipment and facilities are required.

Please use the links to the right of this page to access information on:

  • the technical briefing for the standard update (this takes approximately 15 minutes to complete);
  • frequently asked questions (FAQs);
  • reference material for first aiders to maintain their skills and knowledge;
  • the first aid arrangements template; and
  • a suggested casualty evacuation process to follow, when there is an injured person on or near the line who needs first aid/medical attention.

If you have any questions on the updated standard, please send them to

There is also information here on Coping with Trauma following an incident, and Defibrillators

Additional training requirements

Where the risk of a catastrophic bleed is identified from your assessment, the 2015 European Resuscitation Council first aid guidance advises that tourniquets and haemostatic dressings can now be used as part of first aid, when direct pressure cannot control serious bleeding. However, first aiders should be trained on when and how to use these items. Tourniquets and haemostatic dressings are available to purchase via the Office Depot Oracle catalogue, and additional training can be arranged through an approved first aid training provider, if your first aiders have not previously received training on these items.

The following suppliers can offer a half day of training at your workplace to provide training on these skills, along with a general refresher of basic first aid skills. Please contact them directly to discuss your workplace needs –

The Rail Industry First Aid Association (RIFAA) Tel no (3) 01302 329729
Red Cross Training or 0844 4129000

Please note – this training does not substitute 3 yearly requalification of a first aid competence.
For all standard first aid courses, please enrol via Oracle.


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