Why is the environment important to Network Rail?

As the fourth largest landowner in Britain, Network Rail has a significant scope to influence the environment, either positively or negatively. The railway is an inherently sustainable industry that has many environmental advantages over other forms of transport. However, in order to maintain this advantage, we must manage our environmental impacts and strive to improve both our own environmental performance and that of the whole industry.

The aims of the Environment Team, detailed below, are designed to effectively manage our environmental impacts and achieve a focussed and responsible management approach.

What is Network Rail’s approach to managing the environment?

In order to manage the risks and opportunities of our work to positively influence the environment, Network Rail’s Environment agenda is separated into 10 areas, as outlined in figure 2. The relevance of each environmental management focus area will vary depending on the project, geographical location, piece of work or corporate area you are in. From a project perspective, it is important to assess the risks and opportunities your project poses to the environment. If you are in a corporate business area, consider the environmental management topics to help you assess where you should be focusing your efforts.

The 10 areas below are the impact areas which we address as a responsible and effective manager of environmental risks and opportunities. To find out further information on each of these areas please follow the links in the side-bar of this page.

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