The Opsweb website has gone through significant changes since it was first introduced by the Operations Focus Group. It is a free online resource centre designed for the rail industry to access and share information and resources on operational safety, in a secure environment.

The site includes details of publications, industry groups, SPAD and TPWS data, training and briefing tools and resources on safety critical communications and SPAD management. Launched in 2007, Opsweb is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all operational safety information – it’s aimed at personnel engaged in the physical operation of the railway including train driving, signalling, station management, and those working on the track.

Opsweb is only available to companies engaged in operating the running railway and is accessed via a log-in email address and password. Each registration is approved based on the applicant’s involvement in the industry – i.e. whether they are employed by a railway undertaking such as an infrastructure manager or train or freight operating company.

As a contributor based website, Opsweb relies on content and material submitted from a wide range of industry organisations, from passenger operators to regulatory bodies and input from these companies keeps the site fresh and relevant.

The website currently has approximately 7200 registered users throughout the UK and the world and is growing all the time.

It is easy to register, just go to www.opsweb.co.uk and complete the short application form.

“Is Your Mind on the Job” is a training package created at the RSSB and held on the OPSWEB website. For full access to the training please visit the website, if you are Network Rail Trainer in order to view the Hit or Miss and Mobile phone distraction quiz films within the Training package you will need to download them from the attachments section on this page.

Opsweb is hosted by the RSSB.

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