Winter Safety Campaign

The number of major injuries suffered by railway employees peaks every winter period. Dark nights and difficult conditions bring their own hazards, which can lead to some nasty slips, trips and falls.

To help combat this, we’re focusing on the common risks associated with winter, and providing some practical tips and suggestions to help colleagues avoid ending up with a nasty injury.

Things to consider as winter approaches

  • To get you started, why not take a look at our winter guide presentation for some practical advice. It’s especially important to report anything that could cause an accident
  • Be prepared for the increased hazards and risks of longer, darker mornings and nights and slippery underfoot conditions by making sure you have the right clothing and equipment.
  • Give yourself extra time to make journeys and go about your normal daily tasks – taking just a little bit more time to prepare for and respond to local conditions could make all the difference and save you a lot of aggravation and misery in the long run.

Looking after yourself and your colleagues

Anyone of us can get injured, it’s all too easy and it’s not as simple as saying ‘don’t fall over’. But, by being aware, planning for conditions

You can download our 2015 Winter Safety Brief here.

The brief covers:

  • Driving
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Mental Wellbeing

The brief also promotes discussion about why it’s important to revisit this common sense advice, and not put it to one side because we’re in a rush, or we’ve become too familiar with what we’re doing.


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