Asbestos Awareness

At Network Rail whilst working on the infrastructure, the health and safety of its employees, contractors, third parties, and those of our neighbours and associates who may be impacted by its business activities is paramount. We believe that everybody should go home safe every day, and that actions taken today should not have an adverse effect on anyone in the future.

In relation to Asbestos there is a duty of care to provide relevant information regarding the hazards associated with contact with asbestos containing materials (ACM) and the actions to be taken if you believe you have identified or come into contact with such materials.

  • Please note that the asbestos awareness briefing is currently mandatory for all roles within Network Rail.

The asbestos training is available as an e-learning package and video, and can be undertaken via Oracle (e-business). You will need to select OLM Learner Self-Service NR then search for “asbestos” (course code SandSD/OHandS/AA EL and SandSD/OHandS/AA VB).

The majority of people will never come into contact with ACM’s in their day to day activities; those Network Rail employees that do and are required to work in close proximity to ACM’s will receive further training. Please visit Oracle for more information on what training is appropriate for various roles.

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