Risk Management

What is Think RISK?

Think RISK is a campaign to help to stop you and your colleagues getting injured at work. Quite simply, it is a series of prompts for you to think through when you’re doing your job, and help identify and manage safety risks more effectively.


What do I need to do?

Just think RISK:

  • Recognise – the hazards: what are they and what risk do they present?
  • Inform – others: who else needs to know about the risks? Do you and your colleagues have sufficient information to proceed safely?
  • Solve – the problem: what tools/techniques can you use to manage the risk?
  • Know – how to improve: recognise when something has gone well, and when to challenge

You can Think RISK at any time – in the planning phase, when you Take 5 just before (or during) the task, or reflecting when you have finished a job on how it could have been done more safely

Resources for people managers

People managers across Network Rail should hold a session on Think RISK during a team meeting to help colleagues better understand the approach and why it matters. You will need the following resources to run your session:

  • Think RISK Launch film
  • Think RISK Safety Hour pack and supporting document.
  • Think RISK Feedback Form

These resources can be found under “attachments” on the right hand side of the page. Films can be downloaded by right clicking and pressing “save as” when you start to run the film.

Additional Support Materials

  • Think RISK Lisbeth Fromling film
  • Think RISK Chester team discussion
  • Think RISK Posters

Tips for Planning a Session

As a facilitator for Think RISK we recommend you:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the materials
  2. Arrange sessions including inviting all those who need to attend.
  3. Use the posters to create awareness by placing in the most visible of areas.
  4. Carry out sessions and fill in the feedback form to share local learning and attendance.
  5. Please complete the form and e-mail it back to: STEcommunications@networkrail.co.uk
  6. For Network Rail staff you can share your films or local events/good practice by going onto Yammer and posting them by adding #thinkrisk

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