Planning and Delivering Safe Work

March 2020 Planning4Delivery programme started, and their page can be found here

Standard 019 – Safety of people at work on or near the line is now live.

Our approach to planning and delivering work plays a vital role in keeping everyone safe when working on or near the line. Therefore the standard has been revised to improve workforce safety by introducing three key changes:

  1. Person in charge – On worksites today there is often no single person in charge. The revised Standard 019 introduces a person in charge (Safe Work Leader in Infrastructure Projects) who is accountable for safely delivering the work
  2. Involved in planning – The revised Standard will involve the person in charge in planning to identify and control site and task risks so they can effectively manage all the risks
  3. Task risk – The original Standard was created to control the risks to colleagues from train movements, but there are other risks which cause injuries to our people such as site and task risks.

Please use the links to the right to access information on:

  • Our communications
  • SSoWP’s guidance
  • Briefing materials
  • Further guidance documents for Planners, Responsible Managers and the Person in Charge
  • Standard 019, issue 9 support

If you cannot find what you require from the information we have provided in the following pages then please

  1. email your Route PDSW mailbox
  2. Contact your Delivery Unit PDSW lead
  3. Discuss with your IP Head of S and SD and/or Head of Route Safety, Health and Environment (HoRSHE) for Routes
  4. Network Rail staff, explore local Yammer pages for discussion and answers to questions and shared best practice / knowledge
  5. Network Rail staff for SSoWPS issues, log a call with the IT Help Desk
  6. For 019 issues, request your local lead to raise with the Standard Owner




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