019 Infrastructure Projects Guidance

In collaboration with supply chain partners Infrastructure Projects have developed NR/L3/OHS/019-IP Level 3 Work Instruction Planning and delivering safe work – Implementation principles for Infrastructure Projects, which shows how Infrastructure Projects implements the core elements of standard 019.

Infrastructure Projects approach to implementing standard 019 has been to utilise the competence of Safe Work Leader to deliver the capability of a Person in Charge. To help support Infrastructure Projects the following theme’s have been developed:

  • Worksite and Task Person in Charge – delivered using the Safe Work Leader and COSS competence
  • Worksite and Task Safe Work Pack – delivered using information that is pertinent and concise to the worksite or task.
  • Clarification of the ability to delegate Rule Book duties

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  • NR/L3/OHS/019-IP briefing materials
  • Further guidance documents
  • Question and Answer logs

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