Infrastructure Safety Leadership Group (ISLG)

Infrastructure Safety Leadership Group (

The Infrastructure Safety Leadership Group (ISLG) is a leading forum for UK Railway contractors to work together and with the wider industry to improve health, safety and environmental performance, share experiences, good practice and knowledge. ISLG is a cross-industry group that works together on areas of workforce safety. The group currently has two subgroups –the Rail Industry Assurance Group (RIAG) and Rail Industry Environment Forum (RIEF). The same member companies are present on the subgroups and ISLG and these comprise the major infrastructure companies in the rail industry that hold a Principal Contractor and Plant Operating Licence.
ISLG specifically aims to:

  • Review health, safety and environmental performance
  • Review legislation and standards
  • Clarify and prioritise risk issues
  • Identify good practice and wider intelligence
  • Facilitate solution
  • Influence and lobby industry
  • Sponsor RSSB research, projects and initiatives

ISLG has two levels of membership, Core and Associate:

Core members must hold a Principal Contractors Licence (PCL) – required for work on Network Rail Infrastructure and Hold a Plant Operators Licence (POL) – required to operate On Track Plant (OTP) within Engineering Possessions. They must also Demonstrate experience as a principal contractor on other rail infrastructure (e.g. DLR, LUL), significant business across the country, and involvement in rail safety issues.

Associate Members may only meet one of the criteria for a Core Member, but wish to attend ISLG on a permanent basis.

ISLG currently has 13 core members.

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