Network Rail Telecom

NRT diagramNetwork Rail Telecom (NRT) is the company’s national, telecoms asset management function. NRT owns all of the company’s telecoms assets. Close to 20,000km of fibre-optic cable (the UK’s third largest network), backed up by 18,000km of hard cable and 2,500 masts, provide state-of-the-art communication services for the whole railway network.

Apart from the technical challenges that an operational railway presents to the telecommunications equipment, it also makes it a challenging environment to build and maintain the valuable assets.

So, the way the construction activities are managed takes on even greater significance and last year NRT issued a set of documents intended to help everyone comply with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 2015. Now, almost a year on, the original documents have been revised in the light of the experience gained and two significant additions have even been made as well.

For more advice or assistance the NRT Safety and Sustainable Development Team (SSD) can be contacted as follows:

Neil Marsh Head of SSD
Simon Budd Health and Safety Manager
Aaron Neal Health and Safety Manager
Stephen Peltier Assurance Manager
Amit Nayee Document Controller
Terry Williams Compliance Auditor

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