Construction, Design and Management (CDM)

Our Health and Safety Management System and our CDM standard define a hierarchal management framework. The framework places the accountability for compliance to the CDM Regulations, on the director of that business unit; The Route Managing Director for example.

This page provides guidance and templates produced by STE to support the business comply with our standard and the CDM Regulations 2015.

Network Rail Standards

NR/L2/OHS/0047 requires each business unit to create their own CDM Management Procedures that fit within the framework defined by the standard. This document is the reference on how CDM applies to your part of the business. The document will include the role and responsibilities for implementation.

NR/L2/OHS/0044 standard applies to all construction work undertaken by or on the behalf of Network Rail, and covers any asset owned, managed, or occupied by Network Rail. This standard provides a framework for recording arrangements made during the planning and management of construction work and specifies the content, order and minimum information headings for:

  1. Construction Phase Plan (CPP)
  2. Work Package Plan (WPP)
  3. Task Briefing Sheet (TBS)

January 2017 saw the release of the latest version of the standard which replaces the previous Level 3 standard (NR/L3/INI/CP0044). The technical briefing materials can be found within the attachments.  The technical brief material is made up of 4 parts.  The first part is the mandatory technical brief which is designed to take approximately 1 hour to deliver, followed by 3 optional parts specific to CPP, WPP and the TBS designed to provide additional information and guidance.

In addition, two checklists designed to assist in the preparation and evaluation of a Construction Phase Plan and Work Package Plan as defined in NR/L2/OHS/0044 have been provided within the attachments.

Since publication, the standard has received praise for the changes and improvements from its requirements.  We have received a few comments regarding the change in one requirement in particular, which now requires Contractor’s Engineering Manager (CEM) to approve the WPP. Please find attached a response from the Working Group regarding this query:

Useful Information

Tools and Guidance

Network Rail has prepared, and will continue to preparing CDM Notes.  These are designed to help different business units/organisations discharge duties under the CDM Regulations 2015. These are available on the right hand side of the page.

These are provided “for information” to the wider industry to show Network Rails thinking. Any suggestions for improvement on the CDM Notes, other guidance, or if you have a better way of complying with the CDM Regulations 2015, please let us know so we can share with the wider industry.



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