CDM Simplification Initiative

Construction Phase Plans, Work Package Plans, and Task Briefing Sheets which are used by our Principal Contractors to describe health and safety controls and communicate these to the workforce are becoming longer and more complicated. This makes  it harder for those who need the information to access and use it when they need to

We have found;

  • Duplicated content across some required documents
  • Inconsistent content expectations & level of client review.
  • Pressure from insurers / legal advisors to include “just in case” content.

 What’s new?

A simplification matrix with supporting documents has been produced which aims to get the right information, to the right people at the right time!   These options have been developed,  collaboratively, by Network Rail project teams  (CD) and the supply chain through  Wales and Western SHELT.  Each  project team and their PC should work together to identify and implement the best option for them.

What are the benefits?

  • A common understanding – all agreeing where the right information will be held.
  • Unified assurance – use of acceptance / assurance checklists which give a simplified approach by both the PC & NR teams.

When can we start to use this?

We are  upskilling our teams in Network Rail and ask that our PC’s do likewise so that there is a common understanding of the use of this method.

For more information please contact your Network Rail Health & Safety Lead

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