Learning Lites

We at Network Rail have developed the concept of Learning Lites to help introduce and understanding of behavioural safety

These are bite size learning on a variety of relevant and interesting safety related topics.

Developed to assist in improving our Safety Culture, they are designed to be used on an individual basis or to be presented to a group in a workshop or training environment.

Our Learning Lites are a simple way to start learning and improving. Please see below for learning lites available

Behaviour Based safety

The following Learning Lite is an Introduction to Behaviour Based Safety and helps baseline your understanding.

The Five Principles of Behaviour Based Safety

The Five Principles interlink.  The following Learning Lite demonstrates the links between the Five Principles.

Each of the Learning Lites below explains one of the Five Principles in more detail, and describes how this knowledge may assist you.

General Topics

Because our behaviours are influenced by the behaviours of others and the environment or context which we find ourselves in; the following Learning Lites have been developed to help you understand what we should do, why we should do it and enables us to look after each other in the work place.

To start with, understanding why people make mistakes can help us with our safety communications and in our root cause analyses.

The By Stander Effect suggests that the more people that witness an event – be it a Close Call, Near Miss or actual accident – the less likely we are to take action.  This is a useful concept to be aware of as it helps us understand why Close Calls or Near Misses might go unreported and what we mean by personal responsibility.

We encounter Conflict every day of our lives.  In every part of our lives.  It is in managing conflict and building effective collaborative solutions that successful outcomes are found.   This Learning Lite looks at what conflict resolution is and what you can choose to do about it.

The success of our communication is decided by how we are understood and whether we achieve what we set out to do. This Learning Lite explains a few of the keys to being understood and suggests some methods for improvement.

We are often asked to set personal or business related goals.  But what is goal setting? Why is it useful?  How can we do it?  This Learning Lite has been produced to help you understand the answers to these questions and how to start setting and exceeding goals for yourself and your teams.

When we think about having the correct tools to do the job, we often overlook the importance of PPE. In just a few slides, this Learning Lite helps you understand why we need it, and how to motivate others in wearing it.

We all have a perception of the risk that we may expose ourselves to if we do particular things.  The concept of risk compensation explains some of the factors that impact our decision making.  Understanding this can help us make safer decisions at work and at home.

Working at height holds two levels of risk for the Rail Industry.  This Learning Lite is adapted from information available from the Health and Safety Executive.  Understanding that we need to protect both people and equipment from falling and how we can do so will help us work smarter when at height.

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