Electrical Safety Delivery (ESD)

Electrical Safety Delivery (ESD) is a network-wide change programme which will improve electrical safety by introducing new technologies, and changes in the way we work; supporting Network Rail’s safety vision of “everyone home safe every day”.

The programme will deliver the core elements of the Electrical Safety Strategy through two changes:

1. A Single Approach to Isolations – embedding changes in process and ways of working associated with planning and taking / handing back isolations of the traction power supply to standardise the way we take isolations across the network

2. Technology Improvements – to enable safer, faster isolations through remote securing, earthing and shorting, to deliver safety and financial benefits

Together we can help our colleagues in routes and regions, and the wider rail industry to deliver a safer railway for our workforce and a more available railway to our passengers and freight users by:

– preventing incidents and fatalities
– reducing the time to take and hand back isolations
– keeping the railway open for longer for our passengers and freight customers
– providing opportunities to improve performance
– reducing the risk of regulatory interventions

“Network Rail is relentless in the pursuit of safety from electrical danger – everyone home safe, every day”

Over recent years the ESD Programme has made significant steps forward in improving workforce electrical safety. The programme is developing world-leading electrical safety processes and technologies with interest from railway operators from across Europe and Australia.

We are developing a Single Approach to Isolations; the most significant change to electrical safety in a generation:
– We have delivered the process, safety case and training, which enabled the ORR to approve for energisation of the first section of new OLE on Great Western Main Line in 2017
– We are developing Optimised Earthing which is a key enabler for the future technology strategy and will help to address challenges around live line indicators and test before touch
– We have introduced briefings to confirm how to use Reminder of Live Expose (RoLE) equipment for OLE for highlighting electrical hazard on-site

We are delivering innovative technology solutions to reduce workforce risks and improve access to the railway:
– The Remote Securing App2i protype, is a world ‘first of a kind’ application, and the proof of concept developed in Scotland on the Shotts line trapped key proof of concept, are both significant steps on the path to achieving safer faster isolations
– We have published the Electrical Safety Principles for New Electrification (NR/L2/ELP/25001) which ensures new infrastructure is safer by design, and can be used for new electrification schemes to confirm they are compliant with the Electricity at Work Regulations
– Frontline staff have already been benefiting from many of the initiatives the ESD programme have delivered, including Circuit Main Shorting Devices – over 1,047 have been installed to date and by the end of the CP6 the programme will have achieved 100% coverage in NW&C, 70% across Wessex, 41% in Sussex and 32% in Kent
– We have achieved product acceptance of the first remotely operable and remotely securable OLE lineside switch, one of the infrastructure changes required for remote earthing

Changes in ways of working will be supported by the electrical safety culture framework which aligns to the wider NR culture framework.

For further information contact:ESDCommunications@networkrail.co.uk

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