Godinton Sub Station Electrical Safety Hour

UPDATE (08/01/20):Following further work from colleagues across Network Rail in STE and the routes / regions, common work activities (within traction & HV non-traction power distribution discipline) have been risk assessed on the basis of an unexpected uncontrolled release of electrical energy (Arc Flash) and the required level of Arc Flash protection calculated.

A briefing pack which includes a technical briefing presentation, a notice board poster and FAQs, has been produced to detail the updated Arc Flash PPE requirements when working on or near traction & HV non-traction power distribution equipment. All of these materials can be found on this page under ‘Attachments’ on the right-hand side.

In addition, Task Risk Control Sheet NR/L3/MTC/RCS0216/DP01 ‘Working on or near traction and HV non- traction distribution equipment’, has also been reviewed and updated with its own technical briefing materials. These materials can be found at the Network Rail Standards intranet page.

The Arc Flash requirements as part of this update supersede the previous requirements stated in the National Electrical Safety Briefing – Access to Distribution Sites March 2019, and also the requirements of National Safety Advice NRA 17/09.

National Electrical Safety Briefing- Access into Distribution Sites- March 2019

One of our colleagues was seriously injured when an electrical flashover occurred at Godinton 750V dc substation in Kent in December 2018.

Learning from this incident, we need to raise the awareness of risks when entering and working within traction and non-traction power distribution locations and what to do if the substation environment does not feel normal.  As a result, a national electrical safety hour discussion and briefing pack has been produced with input from colleagues across Network Rail in STE and SE Route.

It is critical that we learn from Godinton and so this briefing has been determined as mandatory for all DIST Level A, B and C competence holders both within Network Rail and our Contractor organisations.

This page contains all the information you will need to facilitate the safety discussion, deliver the briefing and log the competence event on the individual’s competence profile as ‘LC DIST REBRIEF’ by 29th July 2019.  The briefing must be recorded in Oracle / Sentinel by this date to maintain the holder’s DIST Level A, B, or C competence.

Your support in facilitating safety hour and making this really count is very much appreciated.



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