Single Approach to Isolation (OLE)

Moving towards a Single Approach to Isolation on Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) involves a number of phases.


First Stage RoLE:
Reminder of Live Exposed (RoLE) equipment was delivered in February 2022 with network-wide deployment.

National Electrical Safety Step Up:
The Step Up campaign was successfully delivered in 2023, reaching over 7000 participants across the industry. The films have been viewed over 70,000 times.

Test Before Touch on OLE Standard:
NR/L3/ELP/27720 was published in 2022 to refresh the Life Saving Rules (LSRs) Test Before Touch on OLE.

National Deployment:
The deployment of the Single Approach to Isolation standard ‘NR/L3/ELP/SAI25 Working on or about overhead line SAI’ was published in June 2023 and will eventually replace the green book (NR/L3/ELP/29987). This phase introduces enhanced risk assessment and distribution interfaces. It is currently being deployed ONLY in North West and Anglia (Ipswich MDU) Routes.

Earthing Strategy Changes:
Changes to the Earthing Strategy are planned later, including the concept of Optimised Earthing which is based on the concept of local worksite earths. These changes are dependent on trials which are being led by the Wales and Western Region to inform next steps.

To view test before touch films click below:

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Method 1

Method 2

Method 3

Method 4


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