ROGS Affected Parties Consultation 2022

Network Rail infrastructure Ltd (NRIL) is making an application to ORR for a further Safety Authorisation and safety certificate in accordance with Regulations 9 and 12 of the Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006.

This page has been created to provide affected parties with access to the documents supporting the application. The documents have been made accessible to affected parties in accordance with ROGS Regulation 17(3) which requires that any affected party is sent copies of the submission or the address of the website where the documents can be accessed, and advised of their right to make representations regarding the submission to the ORR.

The application and supporting documents are as follows:

  • Part 1 version 6.0 (the application for further safety authorisation and mapping of HSMS components against the ORR MIM assessment criteria)
  • Part 2 version 6.0 (the HSMS description document).
  • HSMS(TU) version 4.0G 100122 (the HSMS description document covering the operation by NRIL of its directly operated fleet on the mainline infrastructure)
  • NwR Safety Certificate Application Matrix issue 4 (the application for a further safety certificate and mapping of HSMS components against the ORR MTU assessment criteria)

Affected parties are reminded that they must send any representations they wish to make under Regulation 17(6)(a) to ORR, within 28 days of receipt of the notification e-mail from Network Rail. The closing date for representations is 16th February 2022. ORR has also requested that a ‘nil response’ is provided to them in the event that an affected party has no comment to make on the submission.

If an affected party requires any further information or assistance please contact Garth Ratcliffe (Principal Operations Safety Specialist) using the contact details provided in the notification e-mail.


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