Little Lifesavers

Introducing… Network Rail’s Little Lifesavers!  

Network Rail’s 10 Lifesaving Rules have been around for a decade now, and they are a key component to getting Everyone Home Safe Every Day.  The rules have a widespread physical presence throughout our depots and offices through signage and posters, but they tend to blend into the background after a while. So, Network Rail want to make sure all staff, internal and external, actively reflect on them and discuss them in the context of their day-to-day working lives. 

With this in mind, Network Rail have enlisted a gang of mini safety experts, all from Network Rail families, and they have big opinions on safety!  They want everyone to remind themselves of the rules, follow them, and get home safe every day. 

You can watch the videos here: 

Episode 1: Rules of the road – Driving somewhere today? Don’t forget the Lifesaving Rules. Our Little Lifesavers are bursting to remind you about the rules of the road.

Episode 2: Working responsibly – We’ve challenged our Little Lifesavers to think about ways to work responsibly. Listen to their ideas and it might make you think again about your own safety habits.

Episode 3: Front line safety – What do our Little Lifesavers think about the dangers of working on the railway? Their views will make you think again about the dangers of electricity, working at height and around moving machinery.



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