OTP Tandem Lifting

The Tandem Lift Guidance has been issued to support the selection of OTP Excavator/Cranes to compliantly tandem lift concrete and wood panels based on proximity hazards and track parameters. This guidance is aimed at staff directly involved in planning, selecting, operating, or controlling lifting operations with OTP Excavator/Cranes as well as those involved in managing OTP Excavator/Cranes.

Supporting the guidance is a panel removal process that outlines the current ways in which track panels are removed, from the initial cutting phase, lifting operation through to the loading onto wagons or trailers. There are four sections each giving a description of: cutting rails, breaking out panels or components, lifting methods and loading onto wagons/trailers. Aligned to each method is a table that lists the number of machines that can undertake the lift at different radii at an angle of 45º.

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