Wales and Western – Possession optimisation

Network Rail Wales & Western Region’s Possession Optimisation Programme is delivering technology-enabled solutions for planning and delivering works and possessions on the operational railway.

Launching through 2023 and early 2024, Railworks and PodFlo web and mobile applications will modernise key components of the engineering access system, reduce possession irregularities, improve ‘time on tools’ and enhance the safety of those working trackside.


We use the Railworks app to coordinate all the construction projects in the Wales and Western region. People who plan the work for our contractors enter project details at the office, and those details can be viewed on a mobile app. We recently updated the app’s help section. If you have any issues or want to provide feedback, . The next big thing we’re adding is the ability to report progress in real-time from construction sites, so everyone who needs to know can see it right away.


Before Christmas in 2023, we’re making the PICOP pack digital. So, if you deal with PICOP packs, you need to know about PodFlo. Instead of waiting for a pack, you’ll get it direct and digitally from its new home. This change is getting us ready for the rest of the PodFlo system, which we can start using in early 2024. We’ll provide instructions on how to use this new app soon. If you haven’t heard from us and you’re not sure if it affects you, feel free to contact us via:


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