Track Safety Alliance (TSA)

The Track Safety Alliance (TSA) is an industry wide group which was formed in 2011 to allow a number of companies across the Track Renewals industry to develop and share best practice. The  (TSA) want to drive a step-change in Safety Leadership and Management throughout the organisations delivering track renewals and enhancement activity on the UK railway. The Alliance consists of Network Rail, the Tier 1 Principal Contractors, the Supply Chain and the Trade Unions.This is largely focused on the improvement of health, safety and wellbeing of track workers.

The TSA have focused in on producing materials on a number of key areas that have been fed-back to them as areas of workforce safety concern. These areas are:-

  • Working at Height
  • Fatigue Management
  • Safer Lineside Materials
  • Management of Temporary Works

The TSA would like to share with Pride the materials they have produced, all of these can be found in the attachment section on this page.

Track Safety Matters- Film

The Track Safety Alliance want to communicate vital safety information, and have committed to create a series of film briefings every 3 months that contain relevant topics and useful information to be used to inform teams throughout the country. Watch the first video in this series below.

To view more Track safety matter and to find out more about the TSA please see their Website or contact



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