Safety Health and Environment Leadership Team (SHELT) W&W



Safety, Health, Environment, Leadership Team (SHELT)

Capital Delivery Wales & Western (CDWW) is committed to working with Supply Chain members in relation to health, safety and the environment, via SHELT.

The purpose of SHELT is to share best practice, lessons learnt, and agree strategic implementation of health, safety, environment arrangements.

SHELT meets quarterly throughout the year and is supported by the Safety and Sustainability Forums running concurrently between meetings.

SHELT will identify areas for improvement and will provide remits to the two forums for the creation of working groups. The purpose of which is to collaboratively research, develop and innovate, where applicable, solutions into topically focused areas.

A SHELT sponsor will be assigned to each working group. The sponsor will report to SHELT at every meeting, on the progress of the working group as well as its successes and failures. The sponsor will seek approval / authorisation from the SHELT community for any of the working group suggestions and outcomes.






The purpose of the two CDWW Safety and Sustainability Forums is to act a support function for SHELT.

They are committed to ensuring that we have a railway fit for the future and that everyone goes home safe every day. This will be achieved through the sharing of knowledge and understanding and, by working collaboratively to improve health and safety and the environment across all CDWW works.

Remits will be received from SHELT for the creation of various working groups, as described above. The forums will be canvassed for volunteers. The working groups will be supply chain led and delivered.





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