IPSNE – Learning From Events Week

Learning From Events week is an important opportunity for all of us to review the unplanned events that occur in our project delivery.  We are bringing particular focus to IP SNE events in the last year of CP5, including recognising that this month will mark one year since the tragic accident at Bearsden Station where a young man was fatally injured in a fall from height.

Learning the lessons from CP5 is critical for providing us with the platform for an improved safety performance in CP6.  You are encouraged to use this week to bring focus to our risks and consider what impact you and your team can have in safeguarding those delivering our projects.

Our briefing materials are available through the right hand side of this page and can be used for sessions you have planned during the week or beyond.

Please contact Graeme.Baillie@networkrail.co.uk should you have any questions.

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