Single Approach to Isolation (Conductor Rail)

Moving towards Single Approach to Isolation (SAI) on Conductor Rail will involve a number of key stages. This is being done in several stages.

SAI conductor rail

National Electrical Safety Step Up:
The starting point will be the Step Up from summer this year (2022) where all front line teams in the industry working on or near the high voltage traction power to participate in this safety event.

Within the next two years (2022-24), Reminder of Live Exposed (RoLE) equipment will be introduced and applied to all isolations. Products trials are already underway in Southern. North West and Central (NW&C) Region are already using fixed demarcation on some areas of the Conductor Rail network.

Standard Development:
The new standard NR/L3/ELP/00750 will consolidate all existing d.c. Conductor Rail isolation methods and documents and is being developed over the next two years (2022-24) with trials and deployment commencing from April 2024.

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