Reminder of Live Exposed (RoLE) Equipment

Electrical Safety Delivery (ESD) is remitted to increase safety through designing and developing devices for use on Network Rail’s infrastructure.

In response, the project (formally known as Demarcation) was established to develop Reminder of Live Exposed (RoLE) Equipment in alignment with SAI OLE and conductor rail. An objective of the project is to deliver a toolbox of RoLE equipment, from which the most suitable device can be used.

RoLE equipment has been mandated for use, in response to a number of incidents involving staff receiving life threatening injurie, that RoLE equipment could have helped to prevent.

RoLE equipment has been mandated to identify the safe-working limits of the Overhead Line Permit (Form C), they can also be used to identify Residual Electrical Hazards that remain. The Nominated Person (NP) will brief the COSS (OLP) on the location and use of RoLE equipment when issuing the Overhead Line Permit (Form C). The COSS (OLP) shall then brief the working group on the content of the Overhead Line Permit (Form C) inclusing RoLE equipment.

RoLE equipment for OLE has been designed, developed, product accepted and are now available for purchase.
Due to a number of incidents, these have now been mandated for use on 25kV a.c. electrical OLE systems.

As a result, the Electrical Safety Delivery (ESD) team and Technical Authority have worked together to mandate and deliver briefings for all staff affected by working on or near overhead line equipment.

Brief the briefer sessions were held by the project Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to upskill and allow all Regions and External Contractor communities affected to onward brief NPs and Authosrised Persons (APs) in their areas.
Briefing materials were provided and sessions should have been arranged in your internal areas.

To find the NP/AP briefing one pager (click here). For ordering devices (click here).
For briefing Personal Track Safety (PTS) AC / COSS (OLP) holders (click here).

Conductor Rail
Please refer to the SAI Conductor Rail Newsletters for progress updates on conductor rail RoLE Equipment.
For further information, guidance or feedback; please contact the project team by emailing

You can procure RoLE Equipment utilising one of the following routes:

Internal: For initial requirements, please DO NOT order via I-STORE or I-PROCUREMENT. Order via SCO Projects using the BOQ Form.

External: Please order directly with Horizon or MC Electronics. Supplier capacity will be worked on with support from Network Rail internal material supply chain to ensure capacity is managed between internal and external orders. This is to reduce ‘panic buying’, resulting in capacity constraints for all.

Contact: For all queries internal and external, please speak to

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