Safety Hour Clapham

December 2018 marks 30 years since the Clapham Junction rail crash. In order for us to remember what happened, what we learned, and how we continue to learn, we have produced materials to allow you to have a local discussion.

The materials including two films of Andrew Haines, chief executive Network Rail, who was 5 miles from Clapham at the time, will allow the facilitators to pick and chose additional areas to learn from.

We strongly recommend reading the Facilitator Guidance, which explains

  • how to run the session
  • how to select 1 or 2 bespoke case studies from the appendices
  • materials to give more insight into selected learning.

Please do not use all the examples, but use the audience as a guide. use technical slides for technical audience, or use the opportunity to discuss why we want to improve fatigue, or why the railway has strict Drugs and Alcohol policies.

We hope that local discussions using yhe terrible events at Clapham, and other events will prompt conversations so that those old and new to the rail industry can continue to learn from the past, so we do not become complacent and we make sure everyone gets home safe every day.

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