National Line Blockage Steering Group

National Line Blockage Steering Group (NLBSG) 


There were just under 214,000 thousand line blockage planned on the network in the 2015/16 this by Network Rail alone.Within 2015/16, 283 Operational Close Calls (OCCs) that had a potentially significant or severe outcome were recorded in SMIS that are directly related to line blockages. The outcome of investigations has shown of these OCC’s range from planning errors, communication errors and the actions of individuals or groups on the day/night of the work taking place.

The purpose of the (NLBSG) group is to provide the strategic support to local working groups and projects linked to Line Blockages working towards reducing OCC Line Blockage incidents, and oversee any requested changes that may impact the industry. Confirm that proposed changes are effective in such a way that they will benefit (the Industry) and workforce.

Membership and Governance of the Group

On a ‘Membership’ tab it is suggested we have a list of the steering group members to demonstrate that it is an industry group.

On a ‘Terms of Reference (TOR)’ tab have the TOR of the group this would demonstrate the purpose, outputs and reporting lines for the group.

Projects and Suggestions

On a ‘Projects’ tab it is proposed that we list and give brief details about each project that is currently underway giving the purpose, goals and measures of success for each.

To promote that everyone has the potential to have good ideas to improve safety for line blockages it is proposed we have a suggestion scheme. This would require a form to be developed and the group to review, approve and provide feedback as required. It is recommended we provide a gift to a person that does provide a good idea that is progresses. An examples being an engraved travel mug, these are available at a reasonable cost.

Project Outputs and User Guides

It is suggested that outputs of projects, briefing materials be published on the site.

In addition the creation of user guides, examples being a model example of how to complete line blockage forms and model communications when taking line blockages.

To promote other industry related projects signposting is recommended to promote a joined up approach.



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