Ironmen Learning Event


On the night of 1 November 2014, as work was taking place to replace corroded rails, two Ironmen were involved in a runaway which led to the equipment travelling at speed through several level crossings; both vehicle and pedestrian. Fortunately no-one was seriously injured, but in different circumstances this could have been a fatality rather than a near miss.

Learning events

To reinforce our commitment to ‘Everyone Home Safe Every Day’, the business will host one hour learning events across the organisation and contractor community to look at the circumstances surrounding the Ironmen runaway at Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen, Wales.

We ask you to schedule and host your own meetings, or attend those already booked and communicated. Each area of the business has been provided with their own timeframes for delivery.

Facilitator support materials

Ironman learning event facilitation guide

Ironman facilitator web-ex

Ironmen Facilitator Video

Ironmen learning event additional questions – reflecting on your work environment

Learning event materials

Animated reconstruction – unfortunately this cannot be hosted on Safety Central due to the file type so please contact for a copy

Ironman Learning event presentation

Record of key information

Network Rail event surveys

To be completed by attendees before your learning event:

To be completed by attendees after your learning event:


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