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Go on, make a pledge!

Network Rail is committed to reducing stigma relating to mental health and providing more opportunities for people across the business to develop their mental wellbeing. With good mental wellbeing we are likely to cope better with the obstacles of daily life, fulfilling our potential both at work and at home.

We are asking our people to make a pledge; a commitment to do something in support of the ‘Time to Change’ campaign – challenging discrimination and stigma surrounding mental health.

link to pledge wall to make a pledge – employee log-in required

Thank you

Thank you for making a pledge to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination within Network Rail.

Please now take the time to take a look at our ‘time to change’ resource page where you will find downloadable guidance, posters and briefing pack. You can also find details of events happening around the business in relation to time to change on our event details page.

If you have any queries regarding this campaign please contact us here.

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