Silica – IOSH dual-branded materials

Working together to beat occupational cancer

Research suggests that in Britain, nearly 800 people die a year from lung cancer caused by breathing in silica dust at work. In the European Union, around 7,000 cases of lung cancer are caused by this carcinogen annually. Worldwide, it’s estimated that millions of employees are exposed to silica dust.

Silica dust is created when the ‘crystalline silica’ in materials such as stone, mortar or tiles is broken down and released. It happens when you drill, saw, cut, grind or sand the products – or work on them in any way that disturbs the natural silica content.

IOSH is campaigning to stop thousands of untimely deaths to work-caused cancer. Through its No Time to Lose campaign, IOSH aims to raise awareness of occupational cancer more widely and help businesses take action by providing free practical, original materials to help deliver effective prevention programmes. Network Rail has signed up to the No Time to Lose pledge to demonstrate its commitment to managing harmful exposures.

Use the dual-branded resources to find out more about silica dust, and how to control it, and to raise awareness within your team.

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