Everyone Home Safe Every Day

Network Rail is reactivating its Safety Vision. Every day, thousands of our workers leave their homes to operate and maintain the railway – there is nothing more important than every one of them returning home safe, every day.

Sadly, in the three years up to March 2022, nine colleagues have lost their lives.  Robbed of their future.  Family and friends cheated of precious time with them. We must do things differently to leave these tragedies in the past because nobody should be next.

We want everyone to get home safely every day ~ our colleagues, passengers, suppliers, lineside neighbours, communities, in fact anyone who lives, works or goes near our railway.

What is it all about?

It’s about

  • taking personal responsibility for our own and colleagues’ behaviours and well-being. We don’t walk by… Consider the person wearing that uniform, who do they need to get home safe to? We know it can be difficult to call out safety concerns, it needs to centre on genuine care for one another, alongside protocol.
  • talking about safety should be comfortable, natural and instinctive. You can use the videos of your colleague’s stories to promote conversation about who your team are getting home safe for.
  • lead by personal example and encourage authentic conversations. Can you take the lead and talk about why this matters to you? Prompt others to share their stories, with each other or with the wider business.

Network Rail’s Everyone Home Safe Everyday toolkit is available for use on the following file:

EHSED toolkit

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