Coronavirus (COVID -19)

Network Rail is working very closely with government, industry partners and health bodies to have the latest advice and messages available. In order to have the latest updates with this fast changing situation we will be linking into.

Network Rail’ corporate website for industry information
Network Rail’s intranet MyConnect for internal staff help and advice

COVID Guidance for BAME colleagues

For Covid 19 FAQ’s please click below icon

If you’re feeling unwell, please follow public health advice immediately. More information is available on the NHS website.

Please Note: Covid-19 mitigation Network Rail is continually reviewing our controls. As a result, we can confirm that the use of TVP’s will not be subject to any additional restrictions beyond those required under the Network Rail TVP Standard NR/L2/OHS/020 and Sentinel Scheme Rules. However, it should be reminded that the use of TVP’s should only be issued within accordance to the TVP standard.

01 May 2020 this short film on social distancing on work sites was produced. All information correct at time of publication Watch Here