Slip Trip Fall

As of the end of Period 7 2017/18 338 slips, trips and falls accidents have been reported, of which 121 have resulted in lost-time injuries.

This is compared to 363 similar accidents reported at the same point last year, of which 119 resulted in lost-time injuries. This indicates that our year-end total will be around the same as the last couple years, showing little signs of improvement.

We invite all Routes, Regions, DUs, National Programmes and functions to arrange and facilitate local stand down or safety hour sessions to increase awareness around STFs, share local best practice and get staff in all teams, in all working environments, to consider and discuss what they can due to reduce these types of injuries. We encourage reporting of both close calls and accidents in order for us to continue to learn and improve our risk awareness, and to enable a culture of preventative action, challenge and learning to stop people getting hurt.

We have prepared, and attached a number of resources that can be used to promote discussion, enhance your safety hour, and prompt local action


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